Plasmonic Mesostructures Prepared by Oriented Mesoporous Materials as a Template

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 10:30
102-B (Phoenix Convention Center)
S. Murai (PRESTO JST, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University), S. Uno (Graduate school of Engineering, Kyoto University), R. Kamakura (Kyoto University), K. Fujita (Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University), and K. Tanaka (Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University)
Recent progress in top-down nanolithography now allows to fabricate plasmonic metallic structures on the scale comparable to the lightwaves.  However, it is still a challenge to fabricate structures one-order smaller than the lightwaves in a large scale.  On the other hand, bottom-up strategies, such as self-assemblies and electrochemical etching, have been studied to fabricate smaller structures as a complementary to top-down techniques.

In this study, mesoporous silica was used as a template to fabricate metallic meso-structures.  Highly-oriented mesoporous silica thin films with hexagonally-packed meso-cylinders aligned parallel to the surface were prepared on rubbing-treated silicon and silica substrates following ref.[1].  The meso-cylinders are exposed on the surface by the wet-etching treatment[2].  Oblique angle deposition of metals on the substrates results in the discrete metallic mesostructures with rod-like islands aligning along the meso-cylinders.  Figure shows the top-view image of Pt meso-grating.  We have measured optical transmission for the gold meso-gratings.  The transmission is highly polarization-sensitive, reflecting its anisotropic morphology.


We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Hirokatsu Miyata (Canon inc.) for the supply of rubbing-treated substrates.


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