Center for Mesoscale Transport Properties: Probing the Limits of Electron and Ion Transport over Multiple Length Scales

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 08:40
101-C (Phoenix Convention Center)
A. C. Marschilok (Stony Brook University)
The mission of the EFRC is to understand and to ultimately control transport properties in complex battery systems with respect to multiple length scales, from molecular to mesoscale (m2m); to minimize heat and maximize work of electrical energy storage devices.  Thus, we are probing the factors limit of ion and electron transport and electron transfer over multiple length scales. 

This presentation will focus on several of the parameters affecting active materials. Several materials classes are under investigation including 1D, 2D and densely packed structures. The impact of the active material size and morphology on electrochemical behavior is probed through preparation of samples through direct synthetic manipulation of the material properties.  The intrinsic electrochemical properties of active materials without the complexities of composite electrodes were probed through development of electrochemical measurements of individual particles.  Additionally, the detailed analysis and role of structural defects on electrochemical performance will be presented.   The information gained will provide necessary information for the design of next generation energy storage devices.