Electrochemical Energy Summit Session 4 - EFRC Talks

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 08:00-10:10
101-C (Phoenix Convention Center)
Esther S Takeuchi
Surface Reaction, Solvent Inhomogeneity, and Ion Transport in Electric Double Layers: Predictions from a Classical Density Functional Theory
C. Lian (University of California,Riverside) and J. Wu (University of California,Riverside)
Advancing Operando Tools to Probe Multiscale Complexity in Chemical Energy Storage
K. W. Chapman, C. P. Grey (NECCES at University of Cambridge), P. J. Chupas (NECCES at Argonne National Laboratory), P. Batson (NECCES at Rutgers University), F. Cosandey (NECCES at Rutgers University), J. Cabana (JCESR at University of Illinois at Chicago), S. Y. Meng (NECCES at University of California, San Diego), and G. Zhou (NECCES at University of Binghamton)
A Single Material Battery
C. Wang (University of Maryland College Park) and F. Han (University of Maryland, College Park)