Hybrid Li-Ion/Li-Oxygen Battery Materials

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 12:00
101-C (Phoenix Convention Center)
M. K. Y. Chan, A. Kinaci, Z. Yang, C. Zhan, C. K. Lin, V. A. Maroni (Argonne National Laboratory), L. Trahey (Argonne National Laboratory), Z. Yao, J. Wu, F. Castro, Q. Li, V. Dravid (Northwestern University), C. Wolverton (Northwestern University), C. Johnson, J. Lu, K. Amine (Argonne National Laboratory), and M. M. Thackeray (Argonne National Laboratory)
In the Center for Electrochemical Energy Science (CEES) EFRC, we are investigating a new class of energy storage materials – hybrid Li-ion/Li-oxygen materials – that combine lithium ion and lithium oxygen capacity to deliver high energy storage capacity [1,2]. In this talk, we will discuss our synthesis, characterization, and first principles modeling efforts of these hybrid Li-ion/Li-oxygen materials, in an attempt to understand their electrochemical performance and reaction mechanisms. We will report on the in-situ observations of structural changes during electrochemical cycling, and accompanying first principles studies, in prototypical hybrid materials, Li5FeO4 and αMnO2 [3]. We will present results of high throughput computational searches for new hybrid materials [4]. Challenges and future prospects of hybrid materials will also be discussed.
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