Electrochemical Energy Summit Session 8 - EFRC Talks

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 10:30-12:20
101-C (Phoenix Convention Center)
M. Stanley Whittingham
An Integrated First Principles and Experimental Approach to Enabling Multi-Electron Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes
S. P. Ong (NECCES at University of California, San Diego), Y. C. Lin (NECCES at Univeristy of California, San Diego), Y. Huang, B. Wen, N. F. Quackenbush, Y. Chung (NECCES at Binghamton University), N. Chernova, F. Omenya (State University of New York at Binghamton), L. F. J. Piper (NECCES at Binghamton University), and M. S. Whittingham (NECCES at Binghamton University)
The Challenge of 3D All Solid State Li-Ion Battery
A. A. Talin (Sandia National Laboratories), D. Ruzmetov (NIST), P. Haney (NIST Gaithersburg), A. Kolmakov (NIST Gaithersburg), A. C. Kozen, A. Pearse, K. Gregorczyk, T. Schmitt (University of Maryland), and G. W. Rubloff (University of Maryland)
Hybrid Li-Ion/Li-Oxygen Battery Materials
M. K. Y. Chan, A. Kinaci, Z. Yang, C. Zhan, C. K. Lin, V. A. Maroni (Argonne National Laboratory), L. Trahey (Argonne National Laboratory), Z. Yao, J. Wu, F. Castro, Q. Li, V. Dravid (Northwestern University), C. Wolverton (Northwestern University), C. Johnson, J. Lu, K. Amine (Argonne National Laboratory), and M. M. Thackeray (Argonne National Laboratory)