D1-2 Activity and Durability of Pt-Based Cathode Catalysts 2

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 14:00-18:00
211-A (Phoenix Convention Center)
Andrew J. Steinbach and Hideo Daimon
Modeling Platinum Oxide Growth of PEMFC Cathode Catalysts
S. Arisetty, Y. Liu (ConocoPhillips Company), W. Gu (General Motors, Fuel Cell Activities), and M. Mathias (General Motors, Fuel Cell Activities)
Recent Progress in Nanostructured Thin Film (NSTF) ORR Electrocatalyst Development for PEM Fuel Cells
A. J. Steinbach, D. van der Vliet (3M Company), A. E. Hester, J. Erlebacher (Johns Hopkins University), C. Duru, I. Davy (3M Company), M. Kuznia (3M Company), and D. A. Cullen (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Magnetic Annealing of Pt-Alloy Nanostructured Thin Film Catalysts
D. A. Cullen, C. A. Bridges, O. Rios, H. M. Meyer III (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), K. Odbadrakh (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), J. Zack (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), and S. S. Kocha (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Binary and Ternary Catalysts Based on Pt, Au and Ni for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
S. Lankiang, S. Baranton (Université de Poitiers, IC2MP, UMR CNRS 7285), and C. Coutanceau (Université de Poitiers, IC2MP, UMR CNRS 7285)
Pt, Pd, Au Binary and Ternary Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
S. Baranton, M. Chiwata (University of Yamanashi), S. Lankiang (Université de Poitiers, IC2MP, UMR CNRS 7285), and C. Coutanceau (Université de Poitiers, IC2MP, UMR CNRS 7285)
Activity, Stability and Degradation of Carbon Supported Palladium (Pd/C) Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction
T. Mittermeier, A. Weiß, F. Hasché (Technische Universität München), and H. A. Gasteiger (Technische Universität München)
Pdpt Alloy Nanocubes As Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Acid Media
K. Jukk, N. Kongi (Institute of Chemistry, University of Tartu), K. Tammeveski (Institute of Chemistry, University of Tartu), J. Solla-Gullón (Instituto de Electroquímica, Universidad de Alicante), and J. Feliu (Instituto de Electroquímica, Universidad de Alicante)
Effects of Core-Shell Interface Structures on ORR Activities: a Model Catalyst Study of Pt/Pd(111)
N. Todoroki, Y. Bando, H. Watanabe (Tohoku University), and T. Wadayama (Tohoku University)
High Activation Protocol for Pd Core-Pt Shell Structured Catalyst
H. Daimon, K. Okuno, K. Mizoue, Y. Matsui (Doshisha University), S. Higuchi (Doshisha University), N. Aoki (Ishifuku Metal Industry), H. Inoue (Ishifuku Metal Industry), T. Doi (Doshisha University), and M. Inaba (Doshisha University)
Large Scale Synthesis of Pd Core/Pt Shell Structured Catalyst and Their Electrochemical Properties
N. Aoki (Ishifuku Metal Industry), T. Nishikawa (Ishihuku Metal Industry), K. Koga (Ishihuku Metal Industry), H. Daimon (Doshisha University), M. Inaba (Doshisha University), and H. Inoue (Ishifuku Metal Industry)