A1-1 Catalyst Layer 1

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 09:00-11:40
211-B (Phoenix Convention Center)
Shawn Litster
Tomographic Analysis of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers: Methods, Validity and Challenges (Cancelled)
Accurate Ex-situ Measurements of PEM Fuel Cells Catalyst Layer Dry Diffusivity 
S. Salari (Simon Fraser University), C. McCague (Simon Fraser University), M. Tam (Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.), M. S. Saha (Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.), J. Stumper (Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corporation), and M. Bahrami (Laboratory for Alternative Energy Conversion (LAEC))
Novel Approach to Measure Key Structural Parameters of PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst and Gas Diffusion Layer Based on Archimedes Principle
B. Zahiri (Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp., UBC), C. McCague (Simon Fraser University), M. Bahrami (Laboratory for Alternative Energy Conversion (LAEC)), J. Stumper (Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.), and W. Mérida (Clean Energy Research Centre, UBC)
Fracture Properties of Catalyst Coated Membranes
Y. Singh, R. M.H. Khorasany, W. Kim, A. Sadeghi Alavijeh, E. Kjeang (Simon Fraser University), and R. K. N. D. Rajapakse (Simon Fraser University)
FIB+SEM Tomography and Numerical Simulation of Corroded PEM Fuel Cell Cathodes
A. G. Star (Georgia Institute of Technology) and T. F. Fuller (Georgia Institute of Technology)
3D Imaging of Fuel Cell Electrode Structure Degraded under Cell Voltage Reversal Conditions Using Nanoscale X-Ray Computed Tomography
P. Mandal (Carnegie Mellon University), B. K. Hong (Hyundai Motor Company, Carnegie Mellon University), J. G. Oh (Hyundai Motor Company), and S. Litster (Carnegie Mellon University)