E2-2 Alkaline Catalysis and Fuel Cells

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 14:00-16:00
212-A (Phoenix Convention Center)
Water Management in an Alkaline-Exchange-Membrane Fuel Cell
H. S. Shiau, I. V. Zenyuk (Tufts University), and A. Z. Weber (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Impact of Organic Cation Adsorption on the Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction of Pt in Alkaline Fuel Cells
H. T. Chung, U. Martinez, J. Chlistunoff (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Y. S. Kim (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Y. K. Choe (AIST), and I. Matanovic (University of New Mexico)
The Effect of Carbonate and pH on Hydrogen Oxidation and Oxygen Reduction on Pt-Based Electrocatalysts in Alkaline Media
S. St. John, R. W. Atkinson III (University of Tennessee), A. L. Roy, R. R. Unocic (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), A. B. Papandrew (University of Tennessee), and T. A. Zawodzinski (University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Effective Nickel and Ruthenium Modified Palladium Anode Catalysts for Ethylene Glycol Oxidation in Alkaline Medium (Cancelled)