Harnessing Multi-Step Electrochemical Reactions for Energy Conversion and Storage

Monday, October 12, 2015: 09:55-15:40
Remington C (Hyatt Regency)
S. R. Narayanan
Welcoming Remarks
Catalytic Design through Computational Modeling: Exploring the Electrochemical Oxidation of Glycerol By Nitroxyl Radical
D. P. Hickey, I. Matanovic, D. Schiedler, P. Atanassov (University of New Mexico), M. S. Sigman (University of Utah), and S. D. Minteer (University of Utah)
A Npg-Based Ultra-Thin Anode Catalyst Layer for Spewe (Cancelled)
Hybrid Biotic/Abiotic Catalysts for Oxidation of Complex Biofuels
I. Matanovic (University of New Mexico), A. T. Perry III (University of New Mexico), S. Babanova (J. Craig Venter Institute), S. Chakraborty (Los Alamos National Laboratory), D. P. Hickey (University of Utah), A. Serov (University of New Mexico), K. Artyushkova (University of New Mexico), J. S. Martinez (Los Alamos National Laboratory), S. D. Minteer (University of Utah), and P. Atanassov (University of New Mexico)
Electro-Oxidation of Ethanol at Low and Intermediate Temperature Investigated By on-Line Mass Spectrometry
A. C. Queiroz (Instituto de Química de Sao Carlos), W. O. Silva (Instituto de Química de Sao Carlos), V. S. Thoi (California Institute of Technology), S. M. Haile (California Institute of Technology, Northwestern University), and F. H. B. de Lima (Instituto de Química de Sao Carlos)
Borohydride Electro-Oxidation on Ni-Based Electrocatalysts: Investigation of Electrocatalytic Activity and Hydrolysis Process
D. C. de Oliveira (Universidade de São Paulo (USP)), W. J. Paschoalino, M. Chatenet (Grenoble Institute of Technology, Phelma), E. A. Ticianelli (Universidade de São Paulo (USP)), and F. H. B. de Lima (Universidade de São Paulo (USP))
CO2 Electrochemical Reduction to Hydrocarbon Fuels on Carbon-Supported Copper Nanoparticles: Support Effect
Q. Lu (Naval Research Laboratory), A. Purdy (Naval Research Laboratory), B. Dyatkin (Drexel University), Y. Gogotsi (Drexel University), and O. A. Baturina (Naval Research Laboratory)
TEMPO-Modified Linear Poly(ethylenimine) for Immobilization-Enhanced Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Alcohol
D. P. Hickey, R. D. Milton, D. Chen, M. S. Sigman (University of Utah), and S. D. Minteer (University of Utah)
Experimental and Modelling Insights into the Borohydride Electrooxidation Reaction Mechanism at Platinum Electrodes
M. Chatenet (LEPMI-Grenoble), P. Y. Olu (LEPMI-Grenoble), A. Bonnefont (Université de Strasbourg), N. Job (Université de Liège), and E. R. Savinova (ICPEES UMR 7515-CNRS-Univeristy of Strasbourg)
Exploring the Non-Innocence of Inorganic Complex Ligands in (photo-) Electrochemical CO2 Reductions
K. Saravanan, V. B. Oyeyemi (University of Pittsburgh), and J. A. Keith (University of Pittsburgh)
Precise Viscosity Analysis of Alkali Metal Molten Salts at High Temperature
S. W. Kim, K. Uematsu, K. Toda (Niigata University), and M. Sato (Niigata University)