Sub-Micrometer Active Material Particle Synthesis for Solid Dispersion Lithium-Ion Redox Flow Batteries

Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Grand Ballroom (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Z. Qi and G. Koenig (University of Virginia)
Solid dispersion lithium-ion redox flow batteries incorporate carbon-free lithium-ion active materials in a flow battery geometry, taking advantage of both the flexibility of a redox flow battery and the high energy density of lithium-ion active materials. This promising technology, however, needs sub-micrometer or nanometer sized active material particles to form well-dispersed fluids. These small particles are also desirable for achieving high rate capability and round trip energy efficiency in conventional battery cells. While many methods have been reported in literature to produce sub-micrometer sized battery particles, often these processes are challenging to scale up for large quantity production. In this poster, we will describe a highly scalable process to produce high performance sub-micrometer battery active materials with an initial demonstration cathode chemistry, LiCoO2. The LiCoO2 produced with this method exhibited excellent electrochemical performance as lithium-ion battery cathode active materials, including high discharge capacity, rate capability, and coulombic efficiency. The LiCoO2 material also performed well as the cathode material dispersed in the electrolyte for solid dispersion lithium-ion redox flow battery applications.