Mechanical and Durable Properties of Ni-YSZ Electrode Under High Temperature for Solid Oxide Electrolysis Stack

Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Grand Ballroom (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
B. K. Jang (National Institute for Materials Science), T. Matsudaira (Japan Fine Ceramics Center), S. D. Kim, and S. K. Woo (Korea Institute of Energy Research)


Many researches based on SOFC development and high temperature electrolysis (HTE) have been reported in the last couple of decades. HTE is one of the most clean and efficient technologies for manufacturing large amounts of hydrogen from water with oxygen. The processing and structure of HTE is closely related to the knowledge and concept of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). Specially, it is very important to evaluate the durability’s properties of oxide electrolysis stacks under high temperature as well as steam environment to apply HTE. Unfortunately, no study has been reported the durable properties of oxide electrolysis stacks at high temperature as well as steam environment. For the reason, the aim of this work is to realize the durable properties (ex, high temperature strength fatigue and creep) at high temperature of 600°C~850°C for oxide electrolysis stacks which consists of 55%NiO-45%YSZ(8mol%Y2O3) composition. NiO-YSZ cathode supports were prepared in the shape of flat tubes by extrusion method. The pre-sintered NiO-YSZ flat tubes were dip-coated in YSZ slurry to secure the interconnector area with a masking fluid and then were sintered at 1400°C for 3h. The creep properties showed decreasing tendency with increasing applied load in range of 40~80MPa and temperature in range of 600°C~800°C. The life time of fatigue at 850°C under Ar-4%H2O environment was decreased with increasing applied load.