(Invited) Excited State of Y-Nitride Clusterfullerene: Luminescence and EPR Spectroscopy Study

Tuesday, 30 May 2017: 10:00
Churchill A1 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
D. Krylov (IFW Dresden), M. Zalibera (MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion), S. Schiemenz, F. Ziegs, M. Rosenkranz (IFW Dresden), A. Savitsky (MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion), and A. A. Popov (IFW Dresden)
Empty fullerenes are known to have very fast intersystem crossing with near 100% yield of the T1 state, which results in very low quantum yield of fluorescence and relatively short fluorescence lifetimes (less than 1 ns). In endohedral metallofullerenes, the intersystem crossing is even faster due to the internal heavy-atom effect, and hence fluorescence can hardly be expected. However, Y3N@C80 is known to exhibit reasonably high yield of fluorescence (1%) and unusually long lifetimes of 800 ns.1, 2 Such unusual photophysical parameters indicate that simple fluorescence mechanism cannot explain experimental facts. In this contribution we describe steady-state and lifetime luminescence as well as light-induced electron paramagnetic resonance studies of Y3N@C80 at different temperatures aimed at clarification of photophysical properties of Y3N@C80.

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