E01 Poster Session

Wednesday, 31 May 2017: 18:00-20:00
Grand Ballroom (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Composition, Morphology and Electrical Properties of Electroplated Bite Thin Films
K. Hong (Chungnam National University), H. Suh (Korea Basic Science Institute), J. Noh (Tegway), J. Kim, and Y. Jin (Chungnam National University)
Electrophoretic Deposition of MoS2 Thin Film As a Stable Counter Electrode for Quantum Dot Solar Cells
H. T. Nguyen, N. H. Phap (University of Science, VNU-HCM, VietNam), T. V. Le (Faculty of Materials Technology, HCMUT–VNUHCM), N. T. M. Nguyet (Key Laboratory of Materials Technology, HCMUT–VNUHCM), and L. V. Hai (Applied Physical Chemistry Key Laboratory, UoS, VNUHCM)