(Invited) In Situ FTIR Reflection Spectroscopy and Its Applications

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 08:20
Chesapeake I (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Z. Y. Zhou (Xiamen University), J. T. Li (College of Energy, Xiamen University), Y. X. Jiang (Department of Chemistry, Xiamen university), and S. G. Sun (Department of Chemistry, Xiamen University)
In situ FTIR reflection spectroscopy (in situ FTIRS) can probe both surface and solution species involved in electrochemical reactions, and is powerful in characterization of interfaces and studies of electrode reaction mechanism at a molecule level. This communication reviews our recent progresses in developing in situ FTIR reflection spectroscopy, including microscope FTIR reflection spectroscopy (MFTIRS), step-scan fast time-resolved FTIR reflection spectroscopy (SSTRFTIRS) and the surface combinatorial analysis method by combining the MFTIRS with an individually addressable array of microelectrodes. Selected examples of using these advanced techniques in studies of electrochemical reactions such as electroadsorption of different molecules, electrocatalytic reactions of different fuels and amino acids, as well as interfacial reactions involved in a lithium ion battery will be demonstrated. In addition, the first infrared free electron laser and spectroscopic facilities for energy chemistry studies built up in China will be briefly introduced.

Acknowledgement: The study was supported by NSFC (21621091, 21327901)


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