Electrochemical Characterization of Dispersions Containing Lithium-Ion Battery Active Materials

Monday, 2 October 2017: 15:40
Chesapeake 6 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
G. Koenig, Z. Qi, and D. Gupta (University of Virginia)
This talk will introduce probing the electrochemical properties of dispersions of lithium-ion battery active material particles, and discuss how such characterization can provide insights into the use of these particles both in flow battery systems and in conventional static lithium-ion battery electrodes. The characterization of materials appropriate for both anode and cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries will be presented, and the necessary considerations and modifications for characterizing materials within these different electrochemical potential ranges will be discussed. An advantage to using flowing suspensions to electrochemically probe battery active materials are that 1) the impact of other cell materials can be omitted (other composite electrode, binder, conductive additive, etc.), 2) the electrode microstructure should not significantly influence measurements, and 3) the analysis is relatively fast for probing a battery active material sample across a variety of currents or potentials.