A Study of Low-Cost NiO-MC Dual-Phase Membrane for High-Flux and Selective Electrochemistry-Based CO2 Capture

Tuesday, 3 October 2017: 09:10
Chesapeake 12 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
P. Zhang (university of south carolina), J. Tong, and K. Huang (University of South Carolina)
The presentation describes a new type of low-cost and easy-to-fabricate mixed e- and CO32- conducting membrane for advanced high-flux and selective electrochemical CO2 separation from flue gas. The membrane is consisted of a CO32--conducting molten carbonate phase and an e--conducting lithiated Ni-oxide interphase formed in situ during operation. The testing results explicitly show that the membrane exhibits a CO2 flux density >1.0 mL min-1 cm-2 at 850 oC with a selectivity of 100-500 and excellent stability for 450 hours. Compelling experimental evidence is also provided to support that the self-formed interphase Li0.4Ni1.6O2 is highly electronic conducting and responsible for providing electrons to the co-reduction of CO2 and O2 into CO32-. Given the performance level demonstrated, this low-cost and easy-to-fabricate membrane is superior to the conventional “size-sieving” inorganic and “dissolution-diffusion” organic counterparts, promising it to be a very competitive technology for future advanced CO2 capture from flue gas.