On the Corrosion of the Lightweight Compositionally Complex Alloy Altivcr

Tuesday, 3 October 2017: 11:40
Camellia 2 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)


In this work we report and discuss the corrosion and microstructure of the compositionally complex alloy (CCA), AlTiCrV. This alloy was designed have a low-density (5.06 g.cm-3) relative to high entropy alloys (HEAs). The description of a CCA is used as it is broader than the description of high entropy alloys (HEAs) which nominally require at least 5 elements. AlTiCrV is a single phase CCA of exceptionally high aqueous corrosion resistance. Electrochemicsal studies are presented herein, whilst the role and nature of the native surface oxide is elaborated, in the context of corrosion resistance. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy was carried out indicating selective oxidation and un-oxidised metal incorporation into the surface film, in addition to surfaces being highly reactive. Such features are unique and believed to be relevant to CCAs and HEAs more generally, as also elaborated herein.