Continuous Flow Processes As an Advanced Manufacturing Platform for Electrolyte Materials

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 10:30
Chesapeake F (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
T. L. Dzwiniel, K. Z. Pupek, and G. Krumdick (Argonne National Laboratory)
New electrolyte materials (solvent, salt, additives) are required to enable HE/HV cells and to improve battery performance and safety. An advanced electrolyte solvents that allow for a wide electrochemical window and have low flammability (higher flash point) are the key components of a superior electrolyte. Continuous flow processes, an emerging technology in chemical industry offer an advanced manufacturing platform for electrolyte materials

The flexible modular design of the flow reactor system allows for various chemistries and conditions not feasible in a batch process. The processes are cost and energy efficient and adhere to other principles of green chemistry including improved safety.

The presentation will discuss continuous processes for manufacturing advanced electrolyte solvents via catalytic transesterification and catalytic hydrosylilation.