Speciation and Electrochemical Properties of Electrolytes for Mg-Ion Batteries

Tuesday, 3 October 2017: 13:20
Maryland A (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
L. C. Merrill and J. L. Schaefer (University of Notre Dame)
Rechargeable magnesium-ion batteries are under investigation as a possible alternative platform to lithium-ion. Magnesium metal serves as a viable anode for post lithium-ion batteries due to its high volumetric charge capacity and widespread abundance. The electrolyte is identified as a limiting factor in magnesium batteries, as many analogous electrolytes to lithium-ion batteries can passivate the magnesium metal surface preventing rechargeability. Both electrolyte salt(s) and solvent(s) must be chosen to ensure chemical compatibility while facilitating desired electrochemical activity. Here we report our recent efforts to understand the effects of speciation and electrochemical performance of magnesium bis(disilizane)-based liquid electrolytes. We find that the solvent and anion types both effect electrolyte equilibration and complexation, resulting in varying conditioning procedures required, the reversibility and facileness of magnesium deposition and stripping, and oxidative stability.