Complex Hydride Solid-State Electrolytes for Li, Na and Mg Batteries

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 09:20
Maryland D (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
R. S. Kühnel, Y. Yan, L. Duchêne, E. Roedern, E. Cuervo Reyes, A. Remhof, and C. Battaglia (Empa)
The identification of a solid-state electrolyte that fulfills all the requirements to enable a competitive bulk-type all-solid-state battery remains a challenging task. The electrolyte should display high ionic conductivity, high thermal stability, good processability and importantly a large electrochemical stability window that ideally spans the redox potential of the conducted metal ion. Several electrolytes within the class of complex hydrides display such a favorable combination of battery relevant properties. Here, we will discuss our recent results for Li-, Na- and Mg-ion conductors.

We identified several compositions within the lithium-amide borohydride (Li(BH4)1-x(NH2)x) system that display near room temperature conductivities of >6 mS/cm, comparable to the ones of typical carbonate-based liquid electrolytes used in commercial lithium-ion batteries. An Li4Ti5O12 half-cell based on such an electrolyte displays >60% capacity retention at 3.5 mA/cm2 (5C) and stable cycling for 400 cycles.[1] The mixed closo-borate Na2(B12H12)0.5(B10H10)0.5 displays a conductivity of 0.9 mS/cm at 20 °C, excellent thermal stability of up to 300 °C and an electrochemical stability window of 3 V that enables reversible plating of sodium.[2] We will also report on the preparation and characterization of magnesium ethylenediamine borohydride (Mg(en)1(BH4)2), which displays a very high conductivity of 6x10-5 S/cm at 70 °C for a magnesium-ion solid-state electrolyte.[3]

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