UV Coating Processes to Enhance Li Ion Battery Performance and Reduce Costs

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 13:30
Chesapeake F (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
J. R. Arnold, G. Voelker, and A. Shariaty (Miltec UV International)
UV Curing is a process used in many industries to improve manufacturing reliability, minimize or eliminate solvents, reduce costs, and to achieve dramatic production increases. This presentation demonstrates performance of UV products and processes developed specifically for Lithium Ion Batteries. UV processes are a natural for coating separators. Examples will demonstrate three types of separator coatings designed to improve battery safety: ceramic coatings, shut down coatings, and grab coatings. UV products have also been developed for electrode coatings. Cathode coatings can be made without NMP. Electrochemical performance is demonstrated for coatings with coatings in the following composition range: 90-5-5, 90-7-3, 98.5-0.5-1 (NMC-C-UV binder).