Engineering Solid State Batteries: A Structural, Mechanical and Interface Engineering Adventure

Thursday, 5 October 2017: 14:40
Maryland C (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
J. L. M. Rupp (Electrochemical Materials, MIT), R. Pfenninger, and M. Struzik (Electrochemical Materials, ETH Zurich, Electrochemical Materials, MIT)
The next generation of energy storage and sensing devices may largely benefit from fast Li+ ceramic electrolyte conductors to allow for safe and efficient batteries and real-time monitoring anthropogenic CO2. Recently, Li-solid state conductors based on Li-garnet structures received attention due to their fast transfer properties and safe operation over a wide temperature range. Through this presentation basic theory and history of Li-garnets will first be introduced and critically reflected towards new device opportunities. Central to our research is the fundamental investigation of the electro-chemo-mechanic characteristics and design of electrode-Li garnet interfaces to new battery architectures. Here, we firstly present new Li-garnet battery architectures for which we discuss lithium titanate and antimony electrodes in their making, electrochemistry and assembly to full battery architectures1-4. Secondly, new insights on processing of Li-garnet thin films are presented based on first developed field maps for pulsed laser deposition processing. Here, the thermodynamic stability range of maximum Li-conduction, phase and nanostructure is discussed using high resolution TEM studies, near order Raman investigations on the Li-bands and electrochemical transport measurements. The insights provide novel aspects of material structure designs for both the Li-garnet structures (bulk to films) and their interfaces to electrodes, which we either functionalize to store energy for next generation solid state batteries.

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