(Invited) New and Innovative Sensor Technologies for Aquacultural System in China

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 15:30
National Harbor 10 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
D. LI, C. WANG, and X. Zhang (China Agricultural University, Research Center for Internet of Things in Agriculture)
With the rapid development of aquaculture industry in China, the dimensions of aquaculture industry expands ceaselessly, at the same time the loss caused by the deterioration and pollution of aquaculture water quality becomes more and more serious, so it is urgent to turn the traditional extensive aquaculture mode into the modern aquaculture model with intensification, informatization and intellectualization. At present, lacking of monitoring on aquaculture water quality has become a bottleneck for the transformation of aquaculture industry. Therefore, our team mainly researches the intelligent solution and the implement method of water quality sensor( Do, pH, EC, temperature, NH4-N, turbidity, Chlorophyll etc.) based on electrochemical, optical, new materials in order to make the low cost water quality sensor precision improvably, maintain conveniently, service life increasing, to meet the aquaculture long-term monitoring demand, stimulate aquaculture high yield, high efficiency, safety, healthy production, for realizing the sustainable development of aquaculture lay the foundation. A mobile e-nose(multiple gas sensors) to provide the online monitoring and/or information record for those selected gas components, analysis the response characteristics parameters and mechanism, calibration method, gas signal processing and quality coupling, develop monitoring and traceability platform.