(Invited) Hyperbolic Metamaterials and Their Imaging, Lasing, Sensing Applications

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 16:40
Chesapeake E (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
J. Rho (Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH))
Metamaterials, artificially structured nanomaterials, have enabled unprecedented phenomena such as negative refraction. However, despite the great and promising science, making practical devices based on metamaterials have been one of the most important issues due to the difficulty in fabrication. In this abstract, I will discuss recent development of scalable large-scale nanofabrication efforts to make practical metamaterials-based devices. The example is realizing a super-resolution imaging device of wafer-scale hyperlens, which is the first experimental demonstration of near- to far-field imaging of biological living objects at visible light with resolution beyond the diffraction limit in two lateral dimensions. With proposed hyperlens array, we show the first bio-sample imaging experimental result of super-resolution imaging on hyperlenses by combining to conventional microscopy system for imaging biomolecules. Hippocampal neuron cells are imaged by visible light through the hyperlens array with resolution down to 150 nm, beyond the diffraction limit. The super-resolution imaging result of neuron at sub-diffraction size shows that hyperlens can be used as a useful imaging tools in biology, pathology, medical science and nanotechnology. If time allows, I will discuss recent applications of hyperbolic metamaterials such as nanoscale cavity far beyond diffraction limit and sensing biomolecular matters. Also, such a unique fabrication techniques mentioned in this talk will provide the opportunity to achieve practical metamaterial devices as the significant step making nanoscience to nanotechnology.