Thin-Film Characterization and Devices

Tuesday, 3 October 2017: 14:00-15:00
Chesapeake 6 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Andrea Balducci and Nicolas Jäckel
Thin Film Electrodes for Fast Electrochemical Micro-Supercapacitors
C. Arico (IEMN CNRS UMR 8520), K. Robert (IEMN UMR CNRS 8520), K. Brousse (CIRIMAT, UMR CNRS 5085), S. Ouendi (IEMN UMR CNRS 8520), C. Douard (Réseau sur le Stockage Electrochimique de l'Energie), B. Daffos (CIRIMAT UMR CNRS 5085), P. L. Taberna (CIRIMAT, UMR CNRS 5085), P. Roussel (UCCS), J. Le Bideau (IMN-CNRS, University of Nantes), P. Simon (CIRIMAT, UMR CNRS 5085), T. Brousse (IMN JR CNRS UMR 6502), and C. Lethien (IEMN UMR CNRS 8520)
High Performance Micro-Supercapacitors Integrated on Both Silicon Chips and Flexible Polyimide Substrate
K. Brousse (CIRIMAT, UMR CNRS 5085, RS2E FR CNRS 3459), S. Nguyen (LPCNO, UMR 5215 INSA-UPS-CNRS), S. Pinaud (LPCNO, UMR 5215 INSA-UPS- CNRS), C. Lethien (IEMN UMR CNRS 8520, RS2E FR CNRS 3459), K. Soulantica (LPCNO, UMR 5215 INSA-UPS-CNRS), B. Chaudret (LPCNO, UMR 5215 INSA-UPS- CNRS), M. Respaud (AIME, INSA-UPS-INP, LPCNO, UMR 5215 INSA-UPS- CNRS), P. L. Taberna, and P. Simon (CIRIMAT, UMR CNRS 5085, RS2E FR CNRS 3459)