SOFC and SOEC Performance

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 08:00-12:00
National Harbor 7 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Sean R. Bishop and Michael C Tucker
(Invited) Metal-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with High Power Density
M. C. Tucker (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
(Invited) Review of Progress in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell at FuelCell Energy
H. Ghezel-Ayagh and B. P. Borglum (FuelCell Energy, Inc.)
Structural and Electrochemical Study on Thin Film Cathodes Fabricated By Spray Pyrolysis
L. Zhang, L. Zhu, and A. V. Virkar (The University of Utah)
(Invited) Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Development at Redox Power Systems, LLC
S. R. Bishop, L. Wang, T. Langdo, and B. M. Blackburn (Redox Power Systems)
Mitigation of Chromium Poisoning Effects in SOFCs By Cathode Compositional Modifications and Interconnect Coatings
Y. Gong, Y. Zhu, Z. Sun, S. N. Basu, U. B. Pal, and S. Gopalan (Boston University)
Long Term Testing of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells under Co-Electrolysis Conditions
M. Rao, X. Sun, and A. Hagen (DTU Energy, Technical University of Denmark)
Development of a Portable SOFC System with Internal Partial Oxidation Reforming of Butane and Steam Reforming of Ethanol
H. Sumi, T. Yamaguchi, H. Shimada, Y. Fujishiro, and M. Awano (National Institute of AIST)
Performance of Pulse Jet Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Using Liquid Fuel at Steep Output Power Variation
Y. Iida, K. Hasegawa, and M. Ihara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)