Session 1

Wednesday, 16 May 2018: 08:00-12:00
Room 617 (Washington State Convention Center)
Hui Xu , Whitney Goldsborough Colella and William E. Mustain
Co-Production of Ethylene and Hydrogen Via Non-Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane Below 400oc
W. Wu (Idaho National Laboratory), Y. Zhang (Idaho National Lab), T. He, and D. Ding (Idaho National Laboratory)
Power-to-X with High Temperature Solid Oxide Cells: Concepts, Challenges & Prospects
R. Costa, F. Han, M. P. Hoerlein, M. Lang, N. Sata, G. Schiller, and K. A. Friedrich (German Aerospace Center, DLR)
Redox Stable Cathodes for CO2-Steam Co-Electrolysis Process in Solid Oxide Electrolyzers for Syn-Gas Generation
A. P. Kulkarni, G. Kaur, D. Fini, S. Giddey (CSIRO Australia), T. Hos, and M. Herskowitz (Ben Gurion University at Negev, Israel)
Solid Oxide Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production: From Oxygen Ion to Proton Conducting Cells
B. Hu (Materials Science and Engineering, Univ. of Connecticut), A. N. Aphale (Materials Science and Engineering, Univ of Connecticut), M. Reisert (Materials Science & Eng., University of Connecticut), S. Belko (Center for Clean Energy Eng., University of Connecticut), O. A. Marina, J. W. Stevenson (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), and P. Singh (Materials Science and Engineering, Univ. of Connecticut)
PBI-Blended Membrane Evaluated in High Temperature SO2 Electrolyzer
R. Peach (NWU, Focus Area: Chemical Resource Beneficiation, Institute of Chemical Process Engineering, Stuttgart), H. Krieg (NWU, Focus Area: Chemical Resource Beneficiation), A. Kruger, D. Bessarabov (NWU HySA Infrastructure), and J. A. Kerres (University of Stuttgart, Institute of Chem. Proc. Eng.)
Electrochemical Synthesis of H2O2 Via Water Electrolysis
S. Siahrostami (Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University), X. Shi (Stanford University), H. Abroshan (Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University), X. Zheng (Stanford Univeristy), and J. Nørskov (Stanford University)
(Invited) Electrochemical Pathways for Electrochemical Oxidation of Acetic Acid
X. Peng (University of South Carolina), T. Omasta (University of Connecticut), X. Zhao, and W. E. Mustain (University of South Carolina)