Surfactant Mediated Nucleation and Growth 3

Tuesday, 15 May 2018: 08:00-12:00
Room 211 (Washington State Convention Center)
Jason Zhang and Rohan Akolkar
Morphology Matters: Additive-Assisted Metal Foam Deposition for the Electrochemical CO2 Conversion
A. Dutta, M. Rahaman, C. Morstein, N. Schlegel, and P. Broekmann (University of Bern)
(Invited) Guided Growth and Smooth Deposition of Lithium Metal Film through Electrolyte Strategy
W. Xu, F. Ding, Y. Zhang, J. Qian, X. Ren, X. Li, and J. G. Zhang (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
(Invited) Ultrathin Polymer Electrode Coatings to Stabilize Electrochemical Interfaces in Lithium-Ion Batteries
R. E. Carter (NRC Postdoctoral Associate, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory), J. F. Parker, M. B. Sassin, J. W. Long, and C. T. Love (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
(Invited) One Step Synthesis of Li-Alkyl Carbonates and Their Applications As Coatings on Li Anode
H. Liu, H. Zhou (University of California San Diego), X. Xing, Q. Yan, B. S. Lee, H. D. Lim, M. Gonzalez, and P. Liu (University of California, San Diego)
(Invited) Electrodeposition in Li in Non-Aqueous Solution
Y. Fukunaka (Nanotechnology Research Institute, Waseda), T. Homma (Res. Org. for Nano&Life Innovation, Waseda University), T. Nishida, and K. Nishikawa (Kyoto University)
Stabilization of Electrodeposit in Soluble Lead Flow Batteries with Acetate Additive
H. Y. Chen (National Taiwan University), H. L. Tang (Dept of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Eng Nat'l Taiwan Univ), C. Y. Lee, and Y. T. Lin (National Taiwan University)