Visualization of Electrochemical Reactions in Battery Materials with X-ray Microscopy

Thursday, 23 June 2016: 09:10
Grand Ballroom (Hyatt Regency)
J. Cabana (JCESR at University of Illinois at Chicago)
In this talk, I will discuss examples of the visualization of phase transformations using a variety of modes within the general family of X-ray microscopy, tailored to suit the scales and phenomena to be probed, but focusing on single particles.  Because thermodynamic pathways can be controlled by the presence of electrical potential, the harvesting of a sample from a cycled battery, while providing a useful preliminary insight, can lead to misleading results due to the relaxation of components into a different state that is more stable under open circuit conditions.  Therefore, measurements performed during the electrochemical reaction will be leveraged in this discussion.  The mechanisms of transformation will be related to their impact on material and architecture properties.