Inemi and Itrs Collaborative Approach and Preliminary Plan for Adressing More Than Moore  Roadmapping

Monday, May 12, 2014: 08:45
Union, Ground Level (Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek)
C. E. Richardson (iNEMI)
iNEMI (International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative) and the ITRS (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors) have been collaborating for the past several roadmap cycles to the extent that the iNEMI “Portable/Consumer Chapter” has provided input to the “ITRS Drivers” Chapter and two chapters from each roadmap share their leadership: 1. Packaging & Component Substrates/ Assembly & Packaging 2. MEMS & Sensors/MEMS. The iNEMI Roadmap also uses a version of the ITRS Executive Overview as the Semiconductor Technology Chapter. The individual roadmaps also refer to each other when applicable in their respective chapters. Starting with the last two cycles the two roadmap groups have been working together to develop a process for collaborating on the “More than Moore” aspects of the roadmaps. Discussions and presentations at various ITRS meeting venues led to a workshop held in Lyon, France in 2013 (in conjunction with the ITRS Spring Meeting) co-hosted by the European contingent of the ITRS More than Moore cross-TWG study group and iNEMI to work on this process. A follow-up meeting was held the following July (as a part of the ITRS Summer Meeting) at Stanford University and hosted by Paolo Gargini, ITRS Chairman, Patrick Cogez, ITRS cross TWG study group and Chuck Richardson, iNEMI Roadmap Director.  There are plans to continue this roadmap cycle (2013 major upgrade for ITRS) and 2015 update for the iNEMI Roadmap as we have been doing for the past several cycles while continuing to work out a process to expand the collaboration to “More than Moore”.

This paper will address the approach and request feedback from attendees as to how best to proceed.