Corrosion Processes 2

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 15:20-17:20
Expo Center, 2nd Floor, Alfa Room (Moon Palace Resort)
M. Itagaki
Development of Representative Tests to Quantify the Susceptibility to Stress Corrosion Cracking of α,β’-Brass Used for Gas Transfer Devices
C. Berne (Université de Toulouse, CIRIMAT, UPS / INPT / CNRS, Equipe MEMO, CETIM, « Matériaux Métalliques et Surfaces »), E. Andrieu (Université de Toulouse, CIRIMAT, UPS / INPT / CNRS, Equipe MEMO), J. Reby (CETIM, « Matériaux Métalliques et Surfaces »), J. M. Sobrino (CETIM, « Matériaux Métalliques et Surfaces »), and C. Blanc (Université de Toulouse, CIRIMAT, UPS / INPT / CNRS, Equipe MEMO)
Electrochemical Impedance Response of Zn Under Anodic Polarization in Simulated Concrete Solution
A. Garnica-Rodríguez and F. J. Rodriguez-Gomez (Departamento de Ingeniería Metalúrgica. Facultad Química. UNAM)
Electrochemical Study of the Corrosion of Steel Embedded in Concrete Added with Composite Substituting Cement
L. Vásquez-Zacarias, M. Poisot, M. Velazquez-Manzanares (Universidad del Papaloapan), and T. Pérez-López (Centro de Investigación en Corrosión, Universidad Autónoma de Campeche.)
Study of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction on the Coupled Galvanic Carbon Steel - Stainless Steel
J. T. Pérez-Quiroz (Instituto Mexicano del Transporte), J. Genescá Llongueras (bUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México), T. Pérez-López (Universidad Autónoma de Campeche), M. Rendón-Belmonte, J. Terán-Guillen, and M. Martínez-Madrid (Instituto Mexicano del Transporte)
Determination of the Corrosion Probability in Reinforced Concrete Structures by Design in Situ Monitoring System
G. Roa Rodriguez, W. A. Aperador Chaparro, and A. E. Delgado Tobon (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada)