Dendritic Growth and Interface Stability

Monday, 25 May 2015: 14:00-16:00
PDR 4 (Hilton Chicago)
Ji-Guang Zhang and Rohan Akolkar
Three Dimensional Modeling of Dendrite Growth in Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries
A. Aryanfar, D. J. Brooks, T. Cheng, B. V. Merinov, W. A. Goddard III, A. J. Colussi, and M. R. Hoffmann (California Institute of Technology)
High Rate and Stable Cycling of Lithium Metal Anode
J. Qian (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA), W. A. Henderson, W. Xu, P. Bhattacharya, M. H. Engelhard (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), O. Borodin (U.S. Army Research Laboratory), and J. G. Zhang (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Additives for Suppressing Zinc Dendrites in Rechargeable Zinc Metal Batteries
S. J. Banik and R. Akolkar (Case Western Reserve University)
Electrodeposited Zinc Planarized By Bismuth at 3ppm Concentration: A Mechanistic Study
J. W. Gallaway, A. Gaikwad, L. Sviridov, S. Banerjee (CUNY Energy Institute at the City College of New York), B. J. Hertzberg, D. A. Steingart (MAE/ACEE Princeton University), C. K. Erdonmez, Y. C. K. Chen-Wiegart, K. Evans-Lutterodt, and J. Wang (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Effect of Additive on the Formation of Cusn Alloy  Nano-Trees Formed with DC Electroplating
S. Shingubara, T. Shimizu, N. Kaneko (Kansai University), and Y. Tada (Muroran Institute of Technology)
Gravitational Level Effects on Coupling Phenomena Between Morphological Variations of Electrodeposited Film of ZnO and Mass Transfer Rates
H. Osaki, T. Wakatsuki (Kyoto University), T. Homma (Waseda University, JST-CREST), and Y. Fukunaka (Nanotechnology Research Center, Waseda University)