Electrochemistry at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 08:00-18:00
PDR 7 (Hilton Chicago)
Alice H Suroviec and Douglas M Fox
(Invited) Nanofab Lab . . . in a Box!™ for Teaching and Outreach
M. Zach (University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, EChem Nanowires Educational Foundation, Inc.)
Electrochemical and UV-Visible Spectroscopic Studies of Self-Organized Gold Nanoparticle~Cytochrome C Superstructures
A. S. Harper-Leatherman, E. R. Pacer, B. H. Abunar, J. K. Spiridigliozzi, M. E. Graffam, E. M. Garvey, and K. L. Buzard (Fairfield University)
Quantitative Study of Antioxidants and Their Reactivity in Various Tea
M. Perera, N. Hocker, L. Rudd, J. Prochotsky, and A. Eppurath (Illinois Wesleyan University)
Lunch Break
(Invited) Nanotechnology for Biosensing Applications
F. Williams, A. Komirisetty, and A. K. Pradhan (Norfolk State University)
Structure and Dynamics at Ionic Liquid/Electrode Interfaces
D. Parr IV, J. Chrestenson, K. Malik, M. Molter, C. Zibart, B. Egan, and L. M. Haverhals (Bradley University)
Ionic Liquid Facilitated Generation of Functional Biopolymer Composite Materials
E. T. Fox, E. K. Brown, T. Price, M. Brusoski, D. P. Durkin, P. C. Trulove (U. S. Naval Academy), L. M. Haverhals (Bradley University), and H. C. De Long (Air Force Office of Scientific Research)
Investigation of Ce3+-doped Na3Mo1-xWxO4F and Na2Mo1-xWxO4 as Novel Phopshor Materials
C. J. Gahrs and E. Sullivan (Illinois State University)
Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction with Homogeneous Transition Metals: Early Metals
K. A. Grice, C. Saucedo, and M. Sovereign (DePaul University)
Electrochemical Deposition of Copper on Graphene with High Heat Transfer Coefficient
A. Jaikumar, K. S. V. Santhanam, S. G. Kandlikar, I. B. P. Raya, and P. Raghupathi (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogel Films Based on Crosslinked Chitosan
Y. Zhang (Department of Chemistry, Morgan State University)
Screening of Novel Anti-Corrosion Coatings by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM)
C. Lee (U.S. Naval Academy), M. C. Calhoun (University of North Texas, Department of Chemistry), W. Dorriety, R. Hanrahan (U. S. Naval Academy), F. Lancaster (Naval Air Systems Command, Aerospace Materials Division), and R. L. Calhoun (U.S. Naval Academy)
Probing the Film Formation Mechanisms at the Slurry/Substrate Interface Relevant to the Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process
L. M. Janes (Lewis University, Department of Chemistry) and J. J. Keleher (Department of Chemistry, Lewis University)