Electrochemical Systems

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 11:00-12:40
Marquette (Hilton Chicago)
Michael T Carter
Stability of Prussian Blue Films for Sensing H2O2 in a PEM-fuel Cell Environment
H. Akbari Khorami (University of Victoria), N. Jacobs, P. Wagner, A. Dyck (NEXT ENERGY), P. Wild, and N. Djilali (University of Victoria)
Magnetostrictive Fe-Co-B Alloys for High-frequency Sensor Applications
Z. Sheng, K. Zhang, and Z. Y. Cheng (Auburn University)
Temperature-Controlled Electrochemical Microsensors and Microsensor Arrays
N. M. Contento and S. Semancik (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
The Effect of Carbon Nanotubes Solid Contact Dispersing Agent on the Parameters of Resulting Potentiometric Sensors
A. Michalska (Univeristy of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry), E. Jaworska, and K. Maksymiuk (University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry)
Transparent Nanowire Electrodes As a Tool for Electrochemical Detection
F. Lefèvre, S. Poorahong, M. C. Perron, P. Juneau, and R. Izquierdo (Université du Québec à Montréal)