Heme and Biomimetic Porphyrins 2

Thursday, 28 May 2015: 14:00-18:00
Lake Michigan (Hilton Chicago)
Ursula Mazur and Takashi Hayashi
The Heme in Bacterioferritin Is Crucial to Bacterial Iron Homeostasis
M. Rivera, H. Yao, Y. Wang, and S. Lovell (The University of Kansas)
Can Heme Modes be Influenced By Protons?
V. Schünemann (University Kaiserslautern)
Porphyrin-Functionalized Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy
E. Secret (ICGM), M. Maynadier, A. Gallud (IBMM), A. Chaix (ICGM), E. Bouffard, M. Gary-Bobo (IBMM), N. Marcotte (ICGM), O. Mongin (Université de Rennes 1), K. El Cheikh (IBMM), V. Hugues (Université Bordeaux 1), M. Auffan (CEREGE), C. Frochot (Université de Lorraine), A. Morère (IBMM), P. Maillard (Institut Curie), M. Blanchard-Desce (Université Bordeaux 1), M. J. Sailor (University of California at San Diego), M. Garcia (IBMM), J. O. Durand (ICGM), and F. Cunin (ICGM, CNRS)
Structure and Function Relationships of Heme-Based Gas Sensors and Heme-Redox Sensors
T. Shimizu (Department of Biochemistry, Charles University in Prague)
From Hemoabzymes to Hemozymes: The Long but Fascinating Story of the Elaboration of New Biocatalysts for Selective Oxidation Reactions
J. P. Mahy, F. Avenier, W. Ghattas (University Paris-sud), J. D. Maréchal (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), and R. Ricoux (University Paris-sud)
Iron Porphyrin Carbenes As Intermediates in the Degradation of Toxic Compounds and Catalysis: Structures, Spectroscopic Properties, and Bonding
R. Khade, W. Fan (Stevens Institute of Technology), Y. Ling (University of South Mississippi), L. Yang, and Y. Zhang (Stevens Institute of Technology)
Optoelectronic Properties of Metal-Free Binary Porphyrin Nanostructures
U. Mazur, B. Borders, and K. W. Hipps (Washington State University)
Structure and Physicochemical Properties of Dibenzoporphycene
T. Hayashi, A. Ogawa, and K. Oohora (Osaka University, Department of Applied Chemistry)