Oxygen Electrodes II

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 08:00-13:55
Boulevard Room C (Hilton Chicago)
Rotraut Merkle and Tatsuya Kawada
(Invited) Rate-Determining Step for Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Oxide Cathode in SOFC and Its Interpretation Based on Band Energy Diagram
A. Takeshita (The University of Tokyo), S. Okada (The University of Tokyo, Japan), S. Sugiura (Dept. of Materials Engg., The University of tokyo), S. Miyoshi, Y. Shibuta (The University of Tokyo, Japan), S. Yamaguchi (The University of Tokyo), and F. Shimojo (Kumamoto University, Japan)
(Invited) Molecular Understanding of Oxygen Exchange in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes
D. Morgan (University of Wisconsin - Madison), M. Gadre (University of Wisconsin-Madison), A. Ngo (Argonne National Laboratory), Y. L. Lee, Y. Shao-Horn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and S. B. Adler (University of Washington)
Interfaces and Durability for Different LSCF/CGO/YSZ Systems for IT-SOFC
C. Rossignol (LEPMI, Université Grenoble Alpes-CNRS), G. Constantin (Université Grenoble Alpes-CNRS, LEPMI), P. Briois, A. Billard (IRTES-LERMPS), E. Djurado (LEPMI, LEPMI, France), and L. Dessemond (Université Grenoble Alpes-CNRS, LEPMI, France)
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(Invited) Structure and Stability of Pt-Y Alloy Particles for Oxygen Reduction Studied by Electron Microscopy
D. Deiana (Technical University of Denmark), J. B. Wagner (Center for Electron Nanoscopy, DTU), and T. W. Hansen (Technical University of Denmark)
(Invited) Theoretical Approach for Understanding Oxygen Reduction at the Cathode Surface of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
M. Koyama (CREST, Japan Science and Technology Agency, INAMORI Frontier Research Center, Kyushu University) and T. Ishimoto (INAMORI Frontier Research Center, Kyushu University, CREST, Japan Science and Technology Agency)
(Invited) Determination of Effective Reaction Area in a Mixed-Conducting SOFC Cathode
K. Amezawa (Tohoku University, Sendai,), Y. Fujimaki, T. Nakamura (Tohoku University, Japan), K. D. Bagarinao (Natl Inst of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), K. Yamaji (AIST), K. Nitta, Y. Terada (JASRI), F. Iguchi (Tohoku University, Japan), K. Yashiro (Tohoku University), H. Yugami, and T. Kawada (Tohoku University, Japan)
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