Fabrication of Large Scale Silver Nanowire Network By Ion Beam Irradiation

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 15:20
Remington B (Hyatt Regency)


A random two-dimensional nano-network of silver nanowires (Ag-NWs) was fabricated by MeV Hydrogen (H+) ion beam irradiation. Ag-NWs were irradiated under H+ ion beam at different fluences at room temperature. Ag-NWs network was fabricated by Hion beam induced coalescence of Ag-NWs at the crossing and the parallel positions. H+ ion beam induced coalescence was confirmed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Moreover, structure of Ag NWs remains stable under H+ ion beam. Threshold dose for the stability of Ag NWs structure under H+ ion beam irradiation was 5x1015 protons/cm2 at room temperature, confirmed by TEM, and XRD. Morphology also remains stable under H+ ion beam irradiation. No slicing, cutting of Ag-NWs were observed under MeV H+ ion beam irradiation. This observation is useful for using Ag-NWs based devices in upper space where protons are abandon in MeV to GeV energy ranges. The results exhibit that the formation of Ag-NWs network proceeds through three steps: ion beam induced local heating, formation of simple junctions, and the formation of large scale network. This high quality network will also be useful as a transparent electrode for optoelectronics devices.