Synthesis of Phosphor Materials By New Low-Temperature Solid-State Reaction Method Showing Abnormally High Diffusion

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 08:00
Phoenix West (Hyatt Regency)
K. Toda, T. Hasegawa, T. Kaneko, A. Toda, S. W. Kim, K. Uematsu (Niigata University), T. Ishigaki (Niigata University), J. Koide (N-Luminescence corporation), M. Toda (N-Luminescence corporation), Y. Kudo (N-Luminescence Corporation), and M. Sato (Niigata University)
A solid-state reaction method has been usually used as a basis synthesis processing technique to obtain the ceramic materials, including phosphor materials, because of its very simple and easy. However, ceramic materials are generally synthesized at high temperature when the solid state reaction method used as synthesis method. Because ionic-diffusion in ionic crystal is very slow at room temperature, high temperature is essential for solid state reaction. The high temperature synthesis leads to increase in the processing cost and irregular particle morphology of the obtained powder. On the other hand, we recently proposed the novel low-temperature synthesis methods, such as water assisted room temperature solid state reaction (WASSR) method and solid hydratethermal reaction (SHR) method, to synthesize the ceramic materials in a single phase form at low temperature,1-3 and we successfully synthesized the functional ceramic materials including phosphors. Furthermore, we demonstrated that the reaction mechanism of novel low temperature synthesis methods is different from the conventional solid state reaction and solution reaction. In this study, we present the practicability of our original novel solid state reaction methods on an industrial application in the ceramic oxide materials synthesis processing.


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