Thermal & Humidity Stability of Mn4+ Doped Complex Fluoride Phosphors

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 08:40
Phoenix West (Hyatt Regency)
S. P. Sista, J. Murphy, F. Garcia-Santamaria (GE Global Research), and A. A. Setlur (GE Global Research)
Mn4+ doped complex fluoride based red phosphors have the potential to improve efficiency and color quality (CRI & R9) in LED lighting systems and enhance color gamut for LED displays. Owing to low absorption of Mn4+, high Mn4+ doping concentration is necessary to enable low CCT applications. One of the issues with Mn4+ doped phosphors is their high temperature and high humidity (HTHH) stability which is even more important for high Mn4+ doping. Here we will discuss the various post synthesis treatment techniques that help improve HTHH stability of Mn4+  doped fluoride phosphors.