Phosphor Synthesis and Processing

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 08:00-12:00
Phoenix West (Hyatt Regency)
Madis Raukas and Rong-Jun Xie
Synthesis of Phosphor Materials By New Low-Temperature Solid-State Reaction Method Showing Abnormally High Diffusion
K. Toda, T. Hasegawa, T. Kaneko, A. Toda, S. W. Kim, K. Uematsu (Niigata University), T. Ishigaki (Niigata University), J. Koide (N-Luminescence corporation), M. Toda (N-Luminescence corporation), Y. Kudo (N-Luminescence Corporation), and M. Sato (Niigata University)
Thermal & Humidity Stability of Mn4+ Doped Complex Fluoride Phosphors
S. P. Sista, J. Murphy, F. Garcia-Santamaria (GE Global Research), and A. A. Setlur (GE Global Research)
Engineering of Rare-Earth-Metal Oxysulfate (RE2O2SO4) Hollow Nanospheres for Upconversion
G. Chen, L. Yan (New Mexico State University), and H. Luo (New Mexico State University)
Cooperative and White Light Emission from Yb- and Yb,Er-Doped Y2Si2O7 Nanopowders
B. Di Bartolo (Department of Physics, Boston College), J. Collins (Wheaton College), B. Sitt (Boston Colelge, Chestnut Hill, MA USA), and J. Ligouri (Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA USA)
Controlling Particle Size and Luminescence in Mn4+ Activated K2SiF6
P. K. Nammalwar, D. G. Porob (GE India Technology Centre), R. Hanumantha (GE Global Research, Bangalore), A. A. Setlur (GE Global Research), and J. Murphy (GE Global Research)
Improvement of Luminescence Properties and Particle Growth of AlN Phosphors By Si-Doping
Y. Cho (National Instittute for Materials Science, University of Tsukuba), B. Dierre, N. Fukata, N. Hirosaki, K. Takahashi (National Institute for Materials Science), T. Takeda (National Institute for Materials Science), and T. Sekiguchi (National Institute for Materials Science, University of Tsukuba)