(Invited) Personalized Breath-Based Health Monitors

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 16:30
106-C (Phoenix Convention Center)
P. Gouma (SUNY Stony Brook)
This talk will highlight the research and development efforts of my team towards

the personalized diagnostic breathalyzer to be used for the detection and monitoring

of diseases or metabolic malfunctions, both in humans and in livestock. Based on the

principle of selective chemosensing, nanostructured, gas-selective probes have been

developed which detect disease-signaling biomarkers in a single exhale. Such probes include:

NO sensor for asthma monitoring; acetone sensor for the control of treatment in diabetics;

ammonia for determining the end-point in hemodialysis, etc. These sensing probes, whether

individually or in arrays, constitute components of sensory systems that are inexpensive,

handheld, wireless, and low power. The pathway and timeline from lab-based prototyping

to industrial scale manufacturing of this technology are also discussed here.