Biomaterials Research Support at the National Science Foundation

Monday, October 12, 2015: 14:00
Phoenix East (Hyatt Regency)
A. Simonian (National Science Foundation)
The NSF/DMR/BMAT perspective on biomaterials research and education will be presented, as well as a description of ongoing and forthcoming research funding opportunities. It will start by providing an overview of divisions and programs at the NSF where an applicant may consider submitting proposals for biomaterials related research. This presentation will be particularly useful to early career researchers in the field of biomaterials and biosensors.

The Biomaterials program supports fundamental materials research related to (1) biological materials, (2) biomimetic, bioinspired, and bio-enabled materials, (3) synthetic materials intended for applications in contact with biological systems, and (4) the processes through which nature produces biological materials.  Projects are typically interdisciplinary and may encompass scales from the nanoscopic to the bulk.  They may involve characterization, design, preparation, and modification; studies of structure-property relationships and interfacial behavior; and combinations of experiment, theory, and/or simulation.  The emphasis is on novel materials design and development and discovery of new phenomena.

General information on all the programs in DMR can be found on the DMR Web page: http://www.nsf.gov/div/index.jsp?div=DMR. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to interact “one on one" with NSF BMAT Program Director.