(Invited) Improving Cycle Life of High Capacity Alloy Anodes for Li-Ion and Na-Ion Batteries

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 16:10
105-A (Phoenix Convention Center)
C. Wang (University of Maryland College Park), X. Fan (University of Maryland, College Park), Y. Zhu (University of Maryland, College Park), J. Wang (Jiamusi University), and J. Mao (University of Maryland)
The one critical challenge for development of high capacity electrodes in Li-ion batteries is the cycle life. Extensive efforts have been devoted to improve the cycling stability of Si, Sn, P and their compound anodes. The one of the most successful technology is the use of nanostructured materials. We used different strategy to enhance the cycle life of these high capacity anodes. In this talk, we will summarize our efforts in extending the cycle stability of Si, Sn, P and SnP3 anodes for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries.