3D Integration & Flexible Electronics

Monday, October 12, 2015: 10:10-12:10
103-B (Phoenix Convention Center)
Cor Claeys and Junichi Murota
(Keynote) Devices Architectures and Technology for Quantum Computing
T. Kodera, K. Horibe (Tokyo Institute of Technology), and S. Oda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
(Invited) Gold-Induced Low-Temperature (<300°C) Growth of Quasi-Single Crystal SiGe on Insulator for Advanced Flexible Electronics
T. Sadoh, J. H. Park, R. Aoki (Department of Electronics, Kyushu University), and M. Miyao (Department of Electronics, Kyushu University)
(Invited) Temporary Bonding with Polydimethylglutarimide for Residue-Free Layer Transfer and 3-D Integration
T. Matsumae (Old Dominion University), A. D. Koehler (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory), J. D. Greenlee (NRC Postdoctoral Fellow Residing at NRL), T. J. Anderson, H. Baumgart (Applied Research Center, Old Dominion University), G. G. Jernigan, K. D. Hobart (Naval Research Laboratory), and F. J. Kub (Naval Research Laboratory)