Water and Chemicals

Monday, October 12, 2015: 10:30-12:00
104-A (Phoenix Convention Center)
Srini Raghavan and Richard E Novak
(Invited) Ultrapure Water for Advance Semiconductor Manufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities
S. Libman (Balazs NanoAnalysis), D. Wilcox (Samsung Austin Semiconductor), and B. Zerfas (IBM Microelectronics)
Oxygen Control Challenge for Advanced Wet Processing
Y. Yoshida (SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co. Ltd., imec), M. Otsuji, H. Takahashi (SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co. Ltd.), J. Snow (SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co. Ltd.), F. Sebaai, F. Holsteyns (imec), P. W. Mertens (imec), M. Sato, H. Shirakawa (SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co. Ltd.), and H. Uchida (SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co. Ltd.)
Effects of Diluted-NH4OH as Conductive Rinse Water in Single Wafer Cleaning Processes
Y. Hayashi, M. Kawakami, D. Yano (Organo Corporation), and K. Yamanaka (Organo Corporation)
Sulfate Adsorption onto and Desorption from Silicon Dioxide Films
B. Wu (University of Arizona) and S. Raghavan (University of Arizona)