Semiconductor Dissolution

Monday, October 12, 2015: 14:00-16:00
102-B (Phoenix Convention Center)
Klemens Rumpf and James L. Gole
Porosity Control and Transfer in Silicon Nanostructures through Electrochemical & Chemical Etching
T. Defforge (Université de Tours/GREMAN/CNRS/CEA/INSA-CVL), S. Vijayakumar (Université de Tours/GREMAN/CNRS/CEA/INSA-CVL), A. Loni (pSiMedica Ltd), A. Chaix (ICGM), A. Sauldubois (Université d’Orléans Centre de Microscopie Electronique), C. Andreazza-Vignolle (Université d’Orléans, ICMN, CNRS), F. Cunin (ICGM, CNRS), F. Di Renzo (ICGM, CNRS), L. T. Canham (pSiMedica Ltd), and G. Gautier (Université de Tours/GREMAN/CNRS/CEA/INSA-CVL)
Low Doped n-type Localized Porous Silicon Made by Hole Injection from Back-side p+/n Junction for Power Switches Application
A. Fèvre (ST Microelectronics, Tours, Université de Tours/GREMAN/CNRS/CEA/INSA-CVL), S. Menard (ST Microelectronics, Tours), T. Defforge (Université de Tours/GREMAN/CNRS/CEA/INSA-CVL), and G. Gautier (Université de Tours/GREMAN/CNRS/CEA/INSA-CVL)
Metal-Assisted Etching of Silicon: Activity of Metal Catalysts and Control of Porous Structure
S. Yae (University of Hyogo), N. Fukumuro (University of Hyogo), and S. Sakamoto (University of Hyogo, Nippon Oikos Co., Ltd.)
Porous Silicon Nanoneedles By Metal Assisted Chemical Etch for Intracellular Sensing and Delivery
C. Chiappini (Imperial College London), E. De Rosa (Houston Methodist Research Institute), J. O. Martinez (Houston Methodist Research Institute), P. Campagnolo (Imperial College London), C. Almeida, E. Tasciotti (Houston Methodist Research Institute), and M. Stevens (Imperial College London)