E02 Fundamentals of Electrochemical Growth and Surface Limited Deposition

Lead Organizer: Stanko Brankovic (University of Houston)

Co-organizers: John Lewellen Stickney (The University of Georgia) , Natasa Vasiljevic (School of Physics, University of Bristol) and Nikolay Dimitrov (Department of Chemistry, SUNY at Binghamton)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Plenary Session
Russell A
Chair(s): Stanko Brankovic and John Lewellen Stickney


Deposition via SLRR and ECALD
Russell A
Chair(s): Miomir B Vukmirovic, Nikolay Dimitrov and Wu Dongjun


Underpotential, Overpotential and Electroless Deposition
Russell A
Chair(s): Natasa Vasiljevic and Miomir B Vukmirovic


E02 Poster Session
West Hall 1