Preparation of Glucose Sensor for Low Invasive In Vivo Measurement

Wednesday, 31 May 2017: 15:20
Grand Salon A - Section 4 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
M. Yasuzawa (Tokushima University), J. Li (Tokushima University), S. Nakataki (Tokushima University), Y. Fuchiwaki (Health Research Institute, AIST), and T. Harada (Kondo Chemical Industry)
A fine needle type glucose sensor, which has sensing region on the tip of a fine tapered electrode, was prepared using tapered PEEK tube with platinum-iridium alloy wire. Glucose oxidase was immobilized on the surface of Pt-Ir electrode using the combination of electrodeposition and electropolymerization procedures. The obtained sensor showed good response with sufficient linear relationship between response current and glucose concentration. Long-term stability of the obtained electrode was evaluated for 35 days. Constant response current was obtained for approximately 1 month.