Application of Ordered Intermetallic Nanoparticles to Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

Thursday, 1 June 2017: 15:30
Grand Salon C - Section 13 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Y. Liu, T. Gunji, T. Tsuda, T. Tanabe, S. Kaneko, T. Ohsaka, and F. Matsumoto (Kanagawa University)
Our recent investigations of electrocatalysts for low temperature fuel cells have shown that ordered intermetallic compounds such as PtBi and PtPb have lower oxidation onset potentials and higher current densities for formic acid oxidation than pure Pt and Pd electrodes1,2). In this presentation, carbon black (CB)-supported Pt3Pb NPs was synthesized as catalysts for the formic acid oxidation and oxygen-reduction reaction. Atomically disordered and ordered intermetallic Pt3Pb NPs were prepared at room temperature using the polyol method. The Pt/carbon black (CB) and Pb(CH3COO)2•3H2O were dissolved in ethylene glycol. The mixture was sonicated and then treated in the flask under reflux for 1 min with 300-W microwave radiation. The mixture in the flask was cooled to room temperature with water. The mixture was again treated with microwave radiation (focused microwave instrument, CEM) at 300 W for 9 min. After the mixture cooled, Pt3Pb NPs/CB was collected by centrifugation, washed sequentially with methanol and dried under vacuum. The formation of ordered intermetallic Pt3Pb after annealing was confirmed by X-ray photoemission spectroscopy, powder X-ray diffraction, and a scanning transmission electron microscope with an electron-probe microanalyser (STEM). The surface structure of atomically disordered and ordered intermetallic Pt3Pb NPs was analyzed with high-resolution STEM. The relationship between the electrocatalytic activity and the surface structure was examined.

(1) Fuma Ando, Takao Gunji, Hikaru Fujima, Tsuyoshi Takeda, Toyokazu Tanabe, Shingo Kaneko, Futoshi Matsumoto, Preparation of PtPb/TiO2/Cup-Stacked Carbon Nanotube Composite for Enhancement of Electrocatalytic Reaction of Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Chem Lett., 44(12), 1741-1743(2015).

(2) Takao Gunji, Toyokazu Tanabe, Arockiam John Jeevagan, Sho Usui, Takashi Tsuda, Shingo Kaneko, Govindachetty Saravanan, Hideki Abe, Futoshi Matsumoto, Facile Route for the Preparation of Ordered Intermetallic Pt3Pb-PtPb Core-Shell Nanoparticles and Its Enhanced Activity for Alkaline Methanol and Ethanol Oxidation, J. Power Sources, 273, 990-998(2014).