Expanded Graphite(EG)/ Chitosan(C) Coated Separators for Highly Stable Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Wednesday, 31 May 2017: 16:50
Grand Salon C - Section 15 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
S. A. Abbas (Research Center for Applied Science,AS, TW, Department of ESS, NTHU, TW), P. C. Wang (Department of ESS, NTHU, TW), and C. W. Chu (Research Center for Applied Science,AS, TW)
Lithium sulfur battery (LSB) has been considered as a promising candidate for next-generation energy storage systems, due to its high theoretical specific capacity (1675mAh/g). However, the poor cycling life hinders in its commercial production. The short cycling life results from continuous loss of active material in the form of lithium polysulfide’s during a typical charging and discharging process, commonly known as shuttling phenomenon. In this abstract i will discuss our unique approach of dual (physical, chemical) interaction mechanism based on EG/C coated separator to stop the lithium polysulfide shuttle. The light weight EG/C coated separator (0.13mgcm-2 ) can extend the cycling life of LSB to 3000 cycles at 1C-rate (1C= 1675mA/g) as shown in the figure below; reducing the decay rate to 0.02% per cycle which is among the best reported up to date. Live in-situ electrochemical discharging results shows that the modified separator works effectively in curbing the polysulfide shuttle. Flexible batteries based on modified separator were also fabricated and able to light up 4 parallel LED circuit.